I Have Found My Purpose- Mom 3:16

Most of us live for years searching for and yearning to find our purpose. Some might never find it. Few seem to be blessed with the gift of knowing what their purpose is and getting to do it every day. I truly never thought I would be one of those few, but over the last few weeks, it has finally dawned on me: I believe I have discovered my life’s purpose.

I don’t write this blog post to make anyone jealous or to brag about my recent discovery. I write this so that you may all rest in the peace of knowing that someday, you may realize your purpose as well.

Over the last few weeks I have done something over and over and over and thought: Surely there is more to this life than THIS. Is this what I am really meant to do with so many hours of my time? Then I started thinking that this must be my purpose in life!

Oh, the JOY!

Evidently, my purpose in life is sticking my hands into nasty, disgusting socks and turning them right-side-out so that they can be made clean again! They could be nasty from playing carefree in mud puddles, or sweaty from a nice relaxing run after a long day’s work. Whatever the reason, it is up to me to turn them around, and make them clean again. It is my job- dare I say? My Purpose- to do these mundane tasks day after day so that they may live life to the fullest and grow up to do amazing things. These people cannot be bothered with turning their clothing right-side-out before placing it in the laundry all over the house wherever they feel like dropping it. Why waste the mere seconds that it takes to take off a sock carefully and properly? For they have bigger things to do! Things like: pick their nose and eat their boogers; find bugs and worms and nail them to trees; fight about which chair to sit in at dinner even though every chair is exactly the same; and find and watch the most random and annoying YouTube videos known to man.

I am raising 5 small humans with one large human sidekick and it is my responsibility- my DUTY- to make sure they have semi-clean, well-fitting clothes to wear each day most days. I need to embrace this responsibility and carry out my mission successfully and happily. I mean, if I do it so often, that MUST mean it is my life’s purpose? Right? RIGHT?! Or should I keep searching for a different purpose???? So I challenge all of you: do not give up searching for your purpose. It could be something much simpler than you realize. It could be something you are already doing every day. Just approach with with excitement and a sense of humor (and maybe don’t breathe through your nose).



(FYI: this is just a small fraction of my “purpose-work” for one day.)