This is Your Headcase

Alas, I have started a long thought about, talked about blog.  Welcome. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and what you might be able to expect from me.

I am a mid-western born and raised wife and mother of three.  For a moment, I crossed out that previous sentence and thought to myself,

“Yes, that’s who I am to everyone else, but who am I to ME?”

But, that is a lot of who I am now.  Moving on.  I am cynical.  I always thought I was, but I had to go to one of my favorite websites,, to make sure.  (See, what a good blogger; I’m already doing the necessary research before I post!)  Turns out, it’s true; I am.  Especially when you use one of its synonyms, sarcastic.  I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable.  Although, I also makes jokes when I’m comfortable.  I rarely get philosophical.  Not because I lack deep, meaningful thoughts.  And not because I lack convictions.  I think it’s partially because I lack confidence, and I tend to be a peace-maker and people-pleaser.  (Part of the reason I’ve been pondering a blog- I gotta get these thoughts OUT.)  Many times when someone challenges me or disagrees with me, I’ll be the first to say, “Yeah, I can see how you could think that…”  or “Well, you have a point…”  But I’m really trying to make myself speak up and speak out just a wee bit more.  Hence the name of my blog.  And the mere fact that there is a blog.

I am just shy of 30 and a mother to two toddler boys and a beautiful newborn girl.  I slightly robbed the cradle on my catch of a husband.  I was a full-time working mama until this last baby.  Now I am what they call a “stay at home mom.”  I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about that.  I used to want to be all kinds of things when I grew up:  a police officer, a missionary, a private investigator, a teacher, a lawyer, a lion tamer (okay, not really, but that is fun to say), a savvy-fashoinable-smart-bossy businesswoman, and most of all, some sort of singer or actress.  We see how that turned out.  😉  And I know what you’re thinking- everybody wanted to be famous at some time or another.  Honestly, I could do without being famous, but I want to get paid to do what I love and that seems to be it.  For now, I rock my socks off every so often in local community theater plays or musicals, and the occasional (but lately not happening) “tipsyaoke” session.  Tipsyaoke is a term coined by yours truly, meaning:

Tipsyaoke: [tips-ee-oh-kee] noun. the act of  going to an establishment and having a reasonable and socially acceptable amount of adult beverages and then participating in karaoke repeatedly, while other adults at said establishment who have had less or many more adult beverages than you, tell you how awesome you are.

So there I am.  There’s a lot more to know about me and I hope you’ll stick around to hear [read] it all.  I hope to write every week or two about general life/family/friend situations, whatever’s trippin’ my trigger, a new recipe I’ve tried, movie I’ve watched, project I’ve completed, basically: whatever is “inside my head.”  I plan to have my best friend guest-post every so often because she reads books and makes quilts, and does amazing DIY projects that her clever, creative, talented self needs to share.

You’ve been officially invited to my headcase.

Stick around.

One of these days I just might blow your mind.